Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Carter/Cash Legacy

Anyone that follows country music should know of the Carter Family and their influence over the genre. June Carter Cash, daughter of Mother Maybelle Carter, began singing and performing with her mother and sisters and later, performed with her third husband, Johnny Cash.

June had three children, one by each husband. Each of those people went on to find some success in the music business - Carlene Carter, Rosie Nix Adams, and John Carter Cash. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Emmylou and ...

Emmylou Harris is a 12-time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter/guitarist. Her songs and albums recorded throughout a long, successful career continue to be popular and significant, whether it is her solo work, or with others. Harris' body of work is impressive as a bandleader, most notably with her 'Hot Band', and the 'Nash Ramblers'. 

Harris has also found considerable success as a partner in some of the great duets in music history. She has worked with many notable performers, including Johnny Cash, Mark Knopfler, The Band, Gram Parsons, Willie Nelson, Roy Orbison, George Jones, and most recently, her old friend and former 'Hot Band' member Rodney Crowell. 

It's Emmylou and …

Emmylou and Rodney Crowell

Saturday, November 2, 2013

She Really Gets Around

'Hello Mary Lou' is a memorable hit song as recorded by the late Rick Nelson, written by Gene Pitney. Although it became a hit more than 50 years ago, it still has the power to make you tap your foot and sing along with the music - a great, old time rock and roll tune.

It is a simple love song with a lively beat, a cowbell, and an iconic lead guitar break by the legendary James Burton. What's not to like? I play this song in my own band, and Nelson's version is on my iTunes and iPhone. 

Great songs often spawn cover versions, and 'Mary Lou' is no exception. So just how many ways can you say hello to Mary Lou? Check these videos - some of them are quite surprising.

No doubt about it - that 'Mary Lou' girl really gets around.

Robert, Jimmy and the guys

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