Saturday, October 18, 2014

Is It Rock & Roll Or Country?

I never liked country music until I discovered it had a rock & roll side.

The thing is, many country tunes are the old fashioned stuff that is about as far from rock and roll as you can get (like George Jones or Tammy Wynette). All due respect to them, but I don't much like that kind of music, and for many years, I ignored anything associated with 'country' music.

However, a lot of so-called country music is really rock & roll and rockabilly in disguise – just great rock & roll that is labeled 'country'.

Our friend, veteran and talented video producer Bigg, recently posted in the Video Vault, an excellent video lesson of a country song, the Brooks and Dunn tune 'Brand New Man'. In the comments, another prolific and highly respected video guy, Tugwell, said:

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Madman of Rock and Roll

He was known as 'The Madman of Rock and Roll', with a unique personality and stage presence that captivated audiences for more than fifty years. He was a one of a kind performer and he wasn't even the front man of one of America's best rock and roll bands. He and his band recorded memorable songs and although members changed over the decades, Paul Revere was the man that held it together and kept the music going until failing health in his 70's prevented him from doing what he loved most – playing rock and roll for appreciative audiences, young and old.