Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Carter/Cash Legacy

Anyone that follows country music should know of the Carter Family and their influence over the genre. June Carter Cash, daughter of Mother Maybelle Carter, began singing and performing with her mother and sisters and later, performed with her third husband, Johnny Cash.

June had three children, one by each husband. Each of those people went on to find some success in the music business - Carlene Carter, Rosie Nix Adams, and John Carter Cash. 

Johnny Cash's daughter from his first marriage, Roseanne Cash, went on to a successful music career. At least two of Cash's daughters married men that became well known performers. Roseanne was married to Rodney Crowell, and her sister Cindy married Marty Stuart.

Among them, the Carter/Cash children and some of their spouses produced some excellent music, and found success on their own, emerging from the shadow of their famous parents/in-laws.

Carlene Carter - 'Every Little Thing'

Carlene Carter - Singing her mother's song 'Ring of Fire'

Roseanne Cash and Rodney Crowell - 'It's Such A Small World'

Roseanne Cash - 'Tennessee Flat Top Box'

Johnny Cash and former son-in-law Marty Stuart - 'Doing My Time'

Johnny, June, and Carlene - 'Keep On the Sunny Side'

Johnny Cash and his daughter Cindy - 'Lay Me Down In Dixie'

The Brothers Cash - Johnny and Tommy Cash - 'Silver Haired Daddy of Mine'

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  1. Talented family for sure. But I'd hate to be Johnny son, can't imagine trying to fill those shoes.