Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Sports Junkie

Ah, the life of a sports junkie.
At the crack of the bat, I immediately motioned for the base runner at second to round third and head for the plate. I could see the determination on his face, and I caught his eye briefly just before he touched third base and, arms pumping, feet kicking up dirt, he motored on. I could read it on his face that at that moment he had one goal in life: to reach the plate before the ball did. Every kid on the field was in motion; every kid in both dugouts was shouting excitedly, the crowd behind me was roaring - the atmosphere was electric. I waved my arm for the next runner to turn for home, and I saw the batter heading for second base and a double. I grinned from ear to ear and said out loud, 'damn this is fun!'
The life of this sports junkie is full of participation, history, speculation, opinion, and some rants. Although I often complain bitterly in my writing about what I perceive as injustice, foolishness, or just plain stupidity in the sports world, the underlying theme is easy to follow:
I love sports, and I love to write about sports.

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