Saturday, March 2, 2013

Significant Roles

Their abilities as guitar players, singers, and/or songwriters made these men highly visible. As with most of the greats of rock music, their contributions were such that without them, their bands may never have achieved the level of fame they enjoyed. Without a doubt, these men played significant roles in the development of the bands in which they played and in the history of rock music.

Allen Collins is a tragic figure. Once a talented guitarist in one of the biggest bands of the rock era, his life spiraled out of control after a series of devastating events – every one of them a disaster of epic proportions. 

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  1. A couple of years ago, I emailed Bob Welch about the guitar arrangement of his 1977 version of Sentimental Lady. He actually responded and he was a true gentleman. He gave the all the guitar playing credit to Lindsey Buckingham. And Lindsey surely used the magic of the studio on it, for sure. Bob was also very interested in the UFO Phenomenon and it was obvious when I went to his web-site. He was a very cool guy. Rock on Bob. I hope you found all the answers when you arrived! Thanks Larry! Too often we glaze over the fact that Rock Stars are human too!