Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Good Dusting

Few songs speak more to the roots of blues and blues-rock than ‘Dust My Broom’. It is a signature piece, written in the 1930’s, and has been recorded by many prominent rock and blues singers and guitarists. No one knows for certain who wrote it; it has been attributed to two legendary bluesmen: Robert Johnson and Elmore James, although it is possible that either or both used other songs of the time and altered them to produce their own version.

This piece is a chapter in the new book The Toughest Hundred Dollars & Other Rock & Roll Stories by Larry Manch. The book is available for purchase in e-book form at the Kindle Store on

© 2013 Larry Manch


  1. Excellent read, Larry. Thanks. Aaron

  2. You had a lot to do with the making of this article, Aaron! Your version stands alongside the other well known recordings as one of the best.

  3. Great article, Larry. I think that the closer you look at where blues songs came from and who wrote them, the more elusive they become. Someone heard someone play something who heard his grandma singing it...


  4. Thanks Tom, and you are correct about the elusive quality of those songs.